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ASL employs highly qualified captive and broking specialists in Bermuda to manage our wide variety of client business. The principal officers of ASL are:


Colin James B.Sc., A.C.A. (President & CEO)


Colin has spent over 30 years in Bermuda.  He joined ASL in 1983 as a specialist in arranging offshore financial reinsurance and developing rent-a-captive concepts. Since then he has built ASL’s rent-a-captive portfolio to a point where ASL manages 3 of the world’s top 10 facilities. Colin has been key to the creation of some of Bermuda’s largest and most innovative captive and rent-a-captive facilities as well as many other alternative risk vehicles.


Colin is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, England and Wales, and the Institute of Civil Engineering, England and Wales.


Richard Witkowski C.A (Senior Vice President)


Richard moved to Bermuda in 1983 and joined ASL in 1984 to become responsible for the development of its captive management, rent-a-captive and reinsurance operations. With ASL’s continued growth and success, Richard has become responsible for overseeing all of the captive and rent-a-captive business that ASL manages and can therefore offer highly experienced advice on a broad spectrum of complex situations to both our current and prospective clients.


Richard is a member of the New Zealand Society of Accountants.


Dueane Dill ARe, ARM, AU (Vice President)


Dueane, a Bermudian, has worked in the Bermuda Insurance Market for over 27 years. He joined the ASL team in 1996, bringing with him years of captive management and financial reporting experience. He has grown with the Company and is currently the President of Hanseatic Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited and Vice President of Magna Carta Insurance Limited, both of which are rent-a-captive facilities within the group.


Dueane is responsible for a number of captive clients, providing them financial reporting and regulatory maintenance support. He has primary responsibility for the punitive damage programs and has fostered excellent relationships with the Bermuda broking community.




Dean E. Carberry B.A.(Hons) B.D. (Hons) (President & CEO)


Dean has served as an insurance and reinsurance broker for almost thirty years. He joined Greig Fester Ltd. UK (later became Benfield Greig and ultimately Aon Benfield) in 1989 where he was ultimately responsible for the Caribbean Reinsurance Division, servicing existing clients and generating new property and casualty treaty reinsurance clients throughout the region. Caribbean insurers back then had small balance sheets with significant hurricane and earthquake catastrophe exposures and were dependent on significant reinsurance placements to protect their assets.


In 1996 Dean moved to Cooper Gay & Company UK to develop a treaty reinsurance platform. During this time he was awarded the flag broker position for the General Insurance Corporation of India and their affiliated companies at home and abroad. Additionally, he produced a book of Caribbean treaty reinsurance placements, and also had oversight of several placements for Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Latin America.


In 2001 he moved to Rattner Mackenzie Ltd, at that time, a Houston Casualty Company under the leadership of Mr. Way. After a year of significant production success Dean was sent to Bermuda to establish Rattner Mackenzie (Bermuda) Ltd. as President & CEO. Rattner Mackenzie (Bermuda) Ltd set up a significant footprint in Bermuda. Rattner Mackenzie Bermuda provided broking services to Houston Casualty Company related businesses as well as developing non related reinsurance opportunities for Rattner Mackenzie Ltd. Under Dean's leadership Rattner Mackenzie Bermuda were appointed reinsurance brokers and consultants on a number of significant property catastrophe reinsurance placements for several large US Property and Casualty insurance companies, as well as several significant A&H placements, workers' compensation and general casualty programs.


This was also a stage in the market when property catastrophe retrocession quota share agreements were in demand and Rattner Mackenize Ltd. were at the forefront of these placements. They were a prelude to the development of "side car" capacity development anticipating the advance of capital markets to the insurance industry.


After the sale of Rattner Mackenzie Ltd. to Guy Carpenter, Dean moved to the BMS Group to restructure their Bermuda platform and generate business including property catastrophe retrocession business, numerous ILW placements, international reinsurance placements as well as a number of significant loss portfolio transfers and programs throughout the US and Canada. Towards the end of his term at BMS Dean introduced capital investors to numerous insurance Carriers and MGAs and consulted to these companies.


In May 2015 Dean, in partnership with Atlantic Security Limited (ASL), completed a management buyout of the BMS Bermuda book of business and continues to service and develop that book today. The resulting formation of Atlantic Security Reinsurance Brokers Ltd (ASRB) has developed and rolled out several new products in the USA and Canada with major carriers in these territories, supported by reinsurance. The joint venture has generated significant synergy with ASL's captive management operations with ASRB referring clients to ASL for management services and ASL referring reinsurance opportunities to ASRB. ASRB has also been focused on the development of credit wrap insurance on various asset types where ASRB can introduce capital investment through SPV's and where those vehicles are wrapped by insurance products.


Giles North (Managing Director - Broking)


After spending 23 years broking in Bermuda for Marsh, then founding Triangle Brokerage Ltd in 1988 (later bought by JLT, where he served as president), Giles joined the ASL team in 2004.


Over his 25 years of service in the Bermuda market, with particular specialty in the casualty markets, Giles has placed local business for a large percentage of the Fortune 1000 compagnies.  His market reputation has been built on an ability to analyse, structure and place complex risks into the market, with many notable successes.


For many years Giles was a member of XL’s policy review committee, which helped to develop and revise the Bermuda “Liability Forms”.  He has also been called upon to give advice and recommendations in this regard to other insurers, such as Ace and Starr.


Giles has worked with most of the principals and senior underwriters of Bermuda’s insurers and has been extensively involved with virtually every aspect of the industry.