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Considering a Rent-A-Captive?


A rent-a-captive, sometimes referred to as a segregated cell, presents an excellent option for those organizations looking to take advantage of the benefits of a captive insurance company, while providing a more efficient path to set up, with minimal costs, time, and capital investment.


Considered a safe and viable alternative risk vehicle and made even more attractive through the use of segregated cells (AKA protected cells), a rent-a-captive structure allows an organization to 'rent' a segregated cell from an Atlantic Security Ltd. (ASL) owned facility with ASL overseeing all administration, financials, local regulations, market support for insurance/reinsurance, and travel arrangements, while also serving as a tax advisor liaison.


Atlantic Security Limited (ASL) Uniquely Qualified


Only one company can claim it created the rent-a-captive market, and that distinction belongs to ASL, having established the industry's first rent-a-captive (RAC) in 1974. In fact, ASL trademarked the 'rent-a-captive' name and owns the trademark still today.


Over the past 40 years, ASL has consistently maintained its RAC leadership position with currently over $100 Million in premium under its management.


As a recognized and seasoned group of experts, the ASL organization has been instrumental in helping to define, mature, and drive the alternative risk services market.


ASL's Hands-On Approach


ASL is the pioneer and a leader in the RAC market. Its long history and sustained success in the RAC market is in large part due to its corporate commitment to stay true to its founding principles of remaining a privately held, bureaucracy-free, hands-on organization focused on applying its expert resources and decades of experience to meet each clients's unique RAC needs – now and in the future.


Through the RAC relationship, ASL acts as its RAC clients' liaison and advocate with all appropriate service providers, including: investment advisors, legal professionals, auditors, loss adjusters, fronting companies, reinsurers, and the Bermuda regulatory authorities.


ASL's management team has an average of over 30 years of tenure per individual and a total of more than 100 years of experience as a group. This unmatched wealth of experience translates to peace of mind for clients in a service industry where consistent, quality, and proven approaches to business support are highly valued.


ASL Rent-A-Captive Facilities


Today, ASL owns and operates six RAC facilities. Three of its facilities are among the world's top 10 RACs, including the industry's largest non-life RAC.


All ASL facilities are fully enacted by parliament to provide segregated cell structures to ensure protection of individual client assets and reserves. ASL clients rest assured they will not be affected by any liabilities or insolvency of other participants sharing the same RAC facility.


Because of the efficiency of the operation and the experience of the team, ASL is often able to set up an RAC in as little as an hour.


ASL's Client Base


ASL's RAC international client base currently numbers over 120 companies. The ASL client family represents a wide range of industries and includes a number of Fortune 500 organizations, as well as private companies with assets in the billions.


ASL Rent-A-Captive options include