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Captive ownership can cover a wide spectrum of options, including... more


ASL's Broking Division is managed by Giles North, a broker in Bermuda for over... more


Rent-A-Captive (RAC) ownership offers almost parallel benefits to those of standalone captives but... more

Atlantic Security Limited (ASL) works with brokers and risk managers to strengthen their overall business opportunities. We apply four decades of industry experience to help our partners take advantage of the powerful insurance markets and risk-transfer arrangements available in Bermuda


Our services range from traditional broking of high-limit or complex risks, through the creation of captives or rent-a-captive cells, to punitive wrap coverage and risk financing.


ASL is a truly independent company and our clients become partners and as an ASL partner, you are protected from conflicts of interest.


Contact us to learn more about how you can maximize your business opportunities. Partner with ASL’s experienced team of professionals today.