Our Team

  • Colin James

    B.Sc., A.C.A. (President & CEO)

    Colin has spent over 30 years in Bermuda. He joined ASL in 1983 as a specialist in arranging offshore financial reinsurance and developing rent-a-captive concepts. Since then he has built ASL’s rent-a-captive portfolio to a point where ASL manages 3 of the world’s top 10 facilities. Colin has been key to the creation of some of Bermuda’s largest and most innovative captive and rent-a-captive facilities as well as many other alternative risk vehicles.

    Colin is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, England and Wales, and the Institute of Civil Engineering, England and Wales.

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  • Richard Witkowski

    C.A (Senior Vice President)

    Richard moved to Bermuda in 1983 and joined ASL in 1984 to become responsible for the development of its captive management, rent-a-captive and reinsurance operations. With ASL’s continued growth and success, Richard has become responsible for overseeing all of the captive and rent-a-captive business that ASL manages and can therefore offer highly experienced advice on a broad spectrum of complex situations to both our current and prospective clients.

    Richard is a member of the New Zealand Society of Accountants.

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  • Dueane Dill

    ARe, ARM, AU (Vice President)

    Dueane, a Bermudian, has worked in the Bermuda Insurance Market for over 27 years. He joined the ASL team in 1996, bringing with him years of captive management and financial reporting experience. He has grown with the Company and is currently the President of Hanseatic Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited and Vice President of Magna Carta Insurance Limited, both of which are rent-a-captive facilities within the group.

    Dueane is responsible for a number of captive clients, providing them financial reporting and regulatory maintenance support. He has primary responsibility for the punitive damage programs and has fostered excellent relationships with the Bermuda broking community.

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  • Elizabeth Martin

    Senior Vice President – Broking

    Mrs. Martin has been in the insurance industry for over 13 years. Her expertise range from smaller healthcare systems to Fortune 500 companies and across all segments of insurance coverages. She started with Atlantic Security Brokers Ltd in 2007 and is responsible for negotiating all insurance placements, client relationships and day to day operations of the company. Mrs. Martin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Development/Risk Management.

    Previous to her carrier in the insurance industry, Mrs. Martin enjoyed 9 years of teaching preschool in Charleston, SC.

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  • Marike Roux

    C.A (S.A.)
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  • Stephen Palmer

    C.A (S.A.)

    Stephen Palmer originally joined ASL in 2004 as a captive manager. Stephen is a qualified Chartered Accountant from South Africa who has worked in the Bermuda insurance industry collectively for over 12 years. Since rejoining ASL in 2017 Stephen has been involved in the Rent-a-captive business gaining experience through a broad variety of clients.

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