Universal Reinsurance

Incorporated in 1974 in Bermuda Universal Reinsurance Company (UniRe) is one of the oldest and largest offshore Rent-A-Captive vehicles in the world. UniRe coined the term Rent-A-Captive; owning the trademark in both the United Kingdom and the United States and is credited with pioneering the Rent-A-Captive market in Bermuda.

Currently, UniRe manages over $550m in assets for clients across the US and Canada. Independently owned and operated by Bermuda residence Uni Re delivers unmatched benefits to its clients. By combining the advantages of a stand-alone captive, over 40 years of experience and expertise in the Bermuda Insurance and Reinsurance market with the quick and cost-effective set up of a protected cell; our Rent-A-Captive program offers clients a less expensive, professionally managed alternative risk vehicle which is capital efficient and has potential tax benefits.

Governed by the Universal Re-Insurance Company Limited Act of 1999, a Private Act of the Bermuda Legislature, UniRe offers a protected cell structure where individual client assets from one cell cannot be used to settle claims or other liabilities from another cell.

Benefits of Using a Rent-A-Captive

There are many benefits of using a rent-a-captive structure with Universal Re over a traditional captive, in addition to the ease of setup and exit, including:

    • Ease of formation and exit,
    • Operation, financial management and regulatory compliance
    • No audit or tax filing required, including any associated fees
    • Considerable flexibility in design and structure of program
    • Minimize insurance costs over time
    • A high level of control over the insurance program
    • long-term management of fixed costs
    • Stabilizing premiums and maintaining continuity of coverage terms and conditions
    • Higher level of involvement in risk management program
    • Sharing in underwriting profits and investment income
    • Participate in alternative reinsurance structures if necessary